Alcoholic Drinks in the Philippines

As one of the most vibrant economies in the Asia-Pacific region, the Philippines is no stranger to imported wines. One of the most sought-after French wines is the Montrouge Cabernet Sauvignon, a deep garnet-red wine that pairs well with celebrations. Another well-loved French wine is the Montrouge Merlot, a deep garnet-red drink that combines licorice and cherry/blackberry flavors. If you’re looking for a premium wine, the two are worth trying.


The tapuy alcoholic beverage is a popular drink in the Philippines, where it is made from rice and served to celebrate different occasions. It was originally produced in the province, but was reluctantly shared due to its high price. The drink quickly caught on in the city and started to gain popularity. It was slang for “proudly from the province,” which is a good thing, because it is a great souvenir.

Tiger beer

Tiger beer is a popular alcoholic beverage in the Philippines, where it is brewed at the famous San Miguel Brewery. It has been brewed in the country since the time when Magellan first discovered the country and is considered the first Filipino native hero. It is a refreshing lager that pairs well with food and is commonly served at parties and celebrations. While not exactly an authentic Asian beer, it is still considered a popular beverage in the country.

Tiger Crystal

When it comes to Asian alcoholic drinks, Tiger Crystal is no different. This hazy wheat beer is packaged in a crystal clear ‘flint’ bottle, and is available almost anywhere that Tiger Beer is sold. Its distinct clove and citrus flavors are pleasantly tempered by a smooth aftertaste. Tiger Black, on the other hand, encourages beer drinkers to be bold and bolder. Brewed with premium black rice from Asia, Tiger Black has depth and flavor.


There are many kinds of alcoholic drinks in the Philippines, but none are quite as popular as ginakolayt. Filipinos are especially particular about their heritage, so there are many drinks with names based on details of the country they come from. For example, Mojito De Mayon is named after the famous Mayon Volcano, while Gin Pom Pi is named after the calamansi-based drink. In addition to gins, they have other sweet treats to offer, like ube, leche flan, and halo-halo.

Manille Liqueur de Calamansi

The essence of calamansi is captured in Manille, a unique drink made with the rinds of the citrus fruit. Its vodka base and citrus aroma make it an excellent palate cleanser and digestif. Manille is an excellent choice as a chilled shot, on the rocks, or to accompany savory and sweet dishes. Read on to learn more about this refreshing drink.


The Amadeo liqueur is a local rum drink with an all-natural taste and aroma. It is made from four types of coffee beans grown in the Philippines. The rum base gives the liqueur a rich flavor and aroma. It is sold at a premium price, at about PHP 90 per bottle. This drink is a popular choice among expatriate and tourist travelers alike.