Manille Liqueur de Calamansi

If you’re looking for a great citrus liqueur, consider the deliciously refreshing, zesty Calamansi. The rind of the fruit is grown by Mangyan farmers in Mindoro, a province of the Philippines located off the coast of Luzon. Moreover, it has a subtle, balanced flavor, complemented by its zesty aroma. For an unforgettable drink, try mixing up the refreshing Manille Liqueur de Calamasi with gin and basil. You can also try serving this drink on the rocks.



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Liqueurs in the Philippines

With Manille Liqueur De Calamansi, the sweet, tangy taste of calamansi combines with a strong, zesty aroma in this citrus liqueur. It’s best enjoyed after a meal, as a digestif or mixed in a cocktail. However, if you want to experience its zesty flavor in a different way, try mixing it with other drinks and dishes. If you don’t have time to make cocktails, you can try this liqueur alone as a palate cleanser.

To drink this refreshing liqueur, try it on the rocks or neat. It’s perfect for both occasions – you can drink it neat or on the rocks. You won’t be disappointed! Regardless of how you choose to drink it, you’ll be delighted by its versatility. And remember, you can enjoy it as a cocktail or as an adult beverage. The only requirement is a chilled glass!

To make the drink, mix equal parts of vodka and Dalandan liqueur. Then, add other wet ingredients, like sugar, lime juice, and garnish. Add the Dalandan liqueur to your drink and stir to combine. After mixing all the ingredients, strain and chill. Enjoy! Make a cocktail that will impress your guests! You’ll thank yourself for it! And don’t forget to share this tasty treat with family and friends!