Toska Vodka Philippines is the most versatile cocktail base product available in the country. This booze has the fine qualities of a good vodka: it is odorless, tasteless, and premium quality. Its sophisticated packaging and taste make it a good alternative to imported brands of vodka in the local market. But what makes Toska Vodka unique and different from others is its low ABV, which is only 24.7%.



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One of the many things you can drink in the Philippines is vodka. It’s not just your typical cheap and cheerful drink you can buy in any grocery store. It’s actually a serious drink, as many people prefer it to soda. If you’re planning to drink it, you should try one of the following brands. If you don’t like the ones you find in the supermarket, you can always try other kinds of alcohol.

Full Circle Distillery uses lava rocks from the Taal and Mayon volcanoes in creating its vodka. The result is a crisp, clean, and mineral-rich spirit. You’ll also find Barik Lambanog, a brand that uses the sap of nipa palm trees. It’s the ultimate alcoholic drink for purists, with a ginger sour flavor. But for those who want to experiment with something new, there are a few different brands you can try.

Lakan creates award-winning lambanog as well as extra-premium Lambanog. The process is entirely artisanal, and requires ten coconut trees per bottle. Hence, this vodka is best served neat. This spirit will give you a good buzz and a mellow finish. This spirit is also great in a cocktail. A cocktail with this delicious drink is guaranteed to be a hit.

Sirena Blue Pea Gin, which is part of the Chase spirits family, is an excellent choice for a vodka drink. It is made from locally-grown winter wheat and is GMO-free. Its distinctive sweet finish is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re drinking a special drink. This vodka is sold in liquor stores and online stores at a price of Php699 per 700ml bottle. You can also purchase Absolut Vodka at liquor stores or supermarkets.