Very Old Captain Rum Philippines

Very Old Captain is very affordable considering the good quality you get for the low price! This high-end Philippine rum batch distilled with the finest Philippine blackstrap molasses. It is a 80 proof spirit and contains no added flavors for an unadulterated pure rum experience. Very Old Captain Rum is aged in oak barrels and provides a deep amber color and mellow aroma. The taste is clear and without any disturbing aftertaste. It is not sweet but concentrated, strong and aromatic and easily goes down the throat. A true masterpiece of the oldest Philippine distillery. I highly recommend to anyone to buy this rum if you want a high standard rum without spending too much.



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About Rum in the Philippines

The Philippines is famous for its rums, and the brand Very Old Captain is no exception. Made from the finest blackstrap molasses, this 80 proof rum has no added flavors or colors. It is a deep amber color and has a mellow aroma. It is best served neat or with mixers. Whether you like it slushy or neat, the Philippines is sure to please.

Artisanal Rums in the Philippines

The oldest distillery in the Philippines is making artisanal rum with genuine flavors of the Philippines. Some of its offerings are Paradise Mango Rum, which highlights the distinct flavor of the Philippine mango, and Amadeo Coffee Liqueur, which is made from four types of native coffee beans. Among these artisanal rums is Very Old Captain Rum, which is sweetened using the finest molasses from the Philippines.

Other than being rich in taste, artisanal rums can also have various flavors, including balsam and coconut. Some rums are even flavored with fruit extracts. If you are unsure of what to look for in a rum, start by reading the description of its ingredients. If you find it to be sweet and smooth, then it is probably made with a high content of sugar.

History of Philippine Rum

Don Bonifacio, founder of the Very Old Captain distillery, died in 1896. He left behind two children, Carlos and Juanita, who hoped to inherit the distillery. But Carlos failed to do so, and was killed in a boat accident before he could even turn 40. His son Juanita, who remained in the distillery until his death in 1908, steered the distillery through the Philippine revolution and the turn of the century.

Tasting notes for Very Old Captain Rum

For more than a decade, Very Old Captain has been a favorite among rum drinkers in the Philippines. This artisan crafted dark rum is distilled in a copper pot still using only the finest raw materials and equipment. It is then given a wash process to remove any remaining sediment. Tasting notes for Very Old Captain Rum Philippines were prepared by Apa Ongpin, the brand ambassador and executive editor of Asian Dragon Magazine.

The Philippine rum market is the third largest in the world and boasts of some of the best rum available. Taking advantage of the country’s plethora of natural resources, Don Papa was created by Stephen Carroll, a former executive at Remy Cointreau. Inspired by the rich culture and beauty of The Philippines, he decided to create his own brand. 

Very Old Captain Rum Philippines

If you’re looking for a high-quality Philippine rum, consider Very Old Captain. This brand features the purest blackstrap molasses from the Philippines. The rum is 80 proof and is blended without any added flavoring. Aged in oak barrels, Very Old Captain features a rich, deep amber color and subtle aroma. Its hefty price tag makes it more expensive than other premium brands.

It used to be that rum from the Philippines was not worth the price. However, this has changed. Now, this premium brand is considered one of the world’s top-selling rums. Once considered a cheap rum made for mixing, it is now considered one of the best new rums. Its price has gone down in the Philippines, but you can still enjoy it for a good price.