White Castle Whiskey Philippines

If you’re looking for a new bourbon whiskey, try the White Castle. It’s a good choice for any occasion. There are a number of flavors to choose from, including White Castle 5 years old, the Calibre 69, the Finest, and the Story. Here’s a little background on this whiskey brand. The first bottle was produced in 1852. In 1851, Don Bonifacio Limtuaco sailed from Amoy, China. He was only 36 years old when he founded the whiskey distillery.



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About White Castle Filipino Whiskey

Destileria Limtuaco is the distillery behind the award-winning White Castle 5 years old Whisky. Founded in 1850, this whiskey is made in the country by a 36-year-old Amoy immigrant, who also happens to be the first Filipino to make the spirit. He was just 36 years old when he founded the distillery in Binondo. In the following decades, the distillery has expanded to include a wide variety of spirits, including tequila and herbal wines.

White Castle Calibre 69 Filipino Whiskey

The premium whisky White Castle has been around for over 50 years, but a new variant has made its debut in the Philippines. White Castle Whisky Calibre 69 is a no-age-statement blended whisky made by Destileria Limtuaco. This premium drink is blended with imported malts and essences, then aged in oak barrels. It is priced competitively and is the only whisky in the country that is priced below $50.

White Castle Finest Whiskey Philippines

It’s only fitting that the Philippines’ oldest distillery would be home to White Castle Finest Whisky, a rum based whisky made in Manila. It’s interesting to note that the Philippines’ first distillery was established in 1852 by a Chinese immigrant named Lim Tua Co. He brought with him a dark energy drink, the Three Feathers Blended Whisky, and created a unique version of the spirit that was inspired by the dream of a bikini-clad maiden.

Story of the brand

When we talk about whiskey, the story of White Castle Whisky is as old as the Philippines itself. The brand is popular among many Filipinos for its unique flavor and smooth finish. In its 2021 calendar, the company selected YouTube vlogger Ryan Morales Reyes to be the face. He first gained fame in cooking and later on became a content sponsor of the brand. In addition to the calendar, White Castle has also introduced the brand’s first male endorser, Ninong Ry.


If you’re looking for a good Philippine whisky, you’ve probably heard of White Castle Whisky. This iconic liquor is a staple in the country, and is proud to be the most affordable whisky in the country. Its smooth taste and lack of hangovers have made it the drink of choice for uncles for decades. It has also become synonymous with memorable calendar girls and risque ads. In its recent calendar model, White Castle bucked tradition by putting Youtuber Ninong Ry on the cover. And with the new 2022 calendar, the brand is breaking even more boundaries.

Production process

White Castle Whisky is a legendary liquor brand in the Philippines. The product is known for being smooth and hangover-free, and it has been the drink of choice for uncles for decades. However, it is also associated with some rather risque ads and calendar girls. This year, the company broke tradition by placing a Youtuber on the cover, and it has continued to deviate from the norm with a 2022 calendar model.