Zabana 8 Years Rum Philippines

A dark rum from the Philippines that is as natural as it gets with a unique taste and delicious aroma. Zabana 8 Dark Rum offers a complex rum experience without any bitterness and is one of the most popular spirits in the category. It is distilled using pure sugarcane from the island of Mindanao and a special aging process helped it mature in oak barrels from Spain and America. The 8-year-old rum has 72 Proof and offers a strong flavor. Zabana 8 Years Rum is a smooth, easy to drink alcoholic beverage that is great to drink it pure or to use it in your favorite cocktail recipes. In addition to its great taste, Zabana 8 Years Rum is a perfect choice for a gift.



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About Zabana 8 Rum in the Philippines

The Philippine Archipelago is home to a bold and flavorful rum named Zabana Rum 8. This rum is aged at least 8 years in the Philippine Archipelago. Its price is considerably lower than most other rums. This rum is best for your next night out. Its bold flavor, smooth texture, and great price make it an ideal choice for any occasion.

Zabana 8 is a bold rum of the Philippine Archipelago

Zabana 8 is a powerful rum that is inspired by the flavors of the Philippines’ seven thousand islands. Made from the purest Filipino sugarcane, it is emboldened with a special double-aging process. After its first maturation in American bourbon barrels, the rum undergoes a second fermentation in Spanish sherry casks to complete its distinctive flavor profile.

Incorporated with tropical flavors, Zabana Rum is a refreshing drink that reflects the culture and landscape of the Philippines. Its smooth, thin body and complex flavor will ignite the taste of any cocktail. This rum works well in classic cocktail recipes and blends well with other ingredients. It can also be blended with ice to create a cocktail that has a tropical flavor profile.

Zabana 8 is aged for a minimum of 8 years

Aging rum for at least 8 years has a lot of challenges, especially in hot countries where temperatures can soar to unbearable levels. The porosity of a barrel favors the evaporation of distillate, which can reduce the rum’s marketability. Because of these challenges, distilleries are particularly meticulous in aging their 8 rum. Aging 8 rums is a proposal of excellence.

Zabana 8 is cheaper than other rums

For many people, the price of Zabana 8 is an important factor. It can be hard to choose just one rum, but the Zabana 8 is among the best and cheapest on the market.