Zabana White Rum Philippines

Zabana White Rum is a fresh and crisp spirit that reflects the tropical flavors of the Philippine Islands. Made from Filipino sugar cane, this rum ignites your cocktail mix. Try it pure or with your favorite cocktail and its smooth and thin body will leave you asking for more. Its optimized aging period creates a complex, rich and delicious flavor. It adds a nice kick to more traditional drinks but is also a great rum in classic and trendy cocktail recipes. Zabana White Rum is a bold rum that will ignite your favorite cocktail and create an unforgettable experience. It blends in with a variety of other flavors, including pineapple and passionfruit.



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About Zabana White Rum in the Philippines

If bold is your style, try the bold flavors of Zabana White Rum, the rum of the Philippine Archipelago. Featuring the flavors of seven thousand islands, Zabana White Rum is distilled from the purest Filipino sugarcane and emboldened by its special double aging process in American bourbon barrels and Spanish sherry barrels. The result is a powerful, sultry rum.

Zabana White Rum is a bold rum of the Philippine Archipelago

A unique and bold rum, Zabana embodies the tropical flavors of the Philippine islands. Made from sugar cane sourced in the Philippines, this rum has an aromatic, spicy flavor that ignites cocktail mixes. This rum is a great addition to classic cocktails, with its smooth thin body and complex flavor adding an extra kick. Its rich flavor melds with other ingredients for an unforgettable experience.

The rich, bold flavor of Zabana owes its unique flavor profile to its double aging process. It first ages in American bourbon casks and finishes in Spanish sherry casks. This process adds layers of complexity to the rum. It is the perfect blend for cocktail lovers who prefer bold and powerful rums.

Zabana White Rum Price: 120 Pesos

Fresh and light, Zabana White Rum is a refreshing, mellow spirit that is even very affordable. You can buy a bottle of Zabana White Rum for a price of only 120 Pesos!